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Roofing project

Eco-friendly roofing materials

Choosing to reroof your home with eco-friendly roofing materials is a commendable choice, but it is only a small part of what makes your home greener. You also need to think about the sustainability of the materials used and how they are sourced or produced. It is also worth considering […]

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Devon roofers

House buyers roof guide

When buying a house, we often think first about the area, the local amenities, what style the house is and are there enough bedrooms. But have you ever stopped to think about your new home’s roof? The condition of the roof is crucial because it protects the entire structure from […]

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Roofer near me - Shepton Mallet

Certified roof repairs by a competent roofer

Why is it so important to ensure any roof repairs or the re-roof of your home is carried out by a certified roofer? They will ensure that you receive the correct guidance on the current Building Regulations so that when your property is re-roofed it will not only be fully […]

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The Old Manor, Hampshire

Listed building reroof and repairs

In the South West of England, there are many stunning heritage properties which have been listed to protect their special architectural details. We predominantly work on these listed houses and churches. We have carried out re-roofs and roof repairs on Tyntesfield House in Somerset, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the Corsham […]

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Sand-cast lead roof

Is sand-cast lead making an endangered craft?

We have been producing our own sand-cast lead since 2007 using our partially automated 7-metre-long casting table. Our casting methods allow us to accurately control the final thickness and uniformity of the lead, so that Code 6 to Code 10 are available to us. When working on a roofing restoration […]

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St Mary's Church

Deciding between a roof repair or a reroof

The team at West Country Tiling are often contacted by clients who need guidance on whether to reroof or repair their roof if they have a leak. The first thing that must be ascertained is what is causing the water ingress.  What to look for when your roof is leaking […]

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Polyurethane foam

Why we do not recommend polyurethane foam

There are companies currently cold-calling home owners and frightening them into using a product call polyurethane foam. They prey on the peoples worries about roof leaks by promoting their product as a cure for all roof problems, as well as providing insulation. The truth is that this polyurethane foam will […]

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Chimney stack

Roof leaks

As is often the case, we kick off a new year with plenty of foul weather. With driving rain and ferocious winds come leaking roofs. We closed the business for just four days over the Christmas break, and 90% of the messages left while we were away and the calls […]

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How to find a Competent Roofer

Have you ever been let down by a roofer? Have you been left out of pocket and with a roof that is incomplete or leaks? We often have clients come to us after they have had a bad experience with a cowboy roofer who hasn’t done as promised. Competent Roofer […]

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How to obtain a building regulation compliance certificate for your roof

In 2010 the UK Government Building Regulations applied the re-roofing of any domestic property to its Compliance Certificate requirements. When contracting roofing work on your home, in most circumstances you will require a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. Planning Permission may also be required, depending on the location and scope of […]

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