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Cast aluminium guttering

cast aluminium gutteringAt West Country Tiling, we’re not just experts in tiling roofs, but also in making sure the rain water that falls on them is taken away efficiently. We have worked with many different types of guttering systems over the years, including cast iron, plastic, aluminium and galvanised steel, but our …

Why are some roofers putting our trade to shame?

Reputable rooferWest Country Tiling take great pride in being reputable roofers, to evidence this to our clients, we are Competent Roofer, Trust Mark and National Federation of Roofing (NFRC) accredited. Whenever I hear horror stories about the working practices of disreputable contractors, the precursor is that the client has not checked for …

Building regulation BS 5534

BS 5534In 2015 the BS 5534 code of practice for slating and tiling was amended. This British Standard for the construction industry covers the installation of slates and tiles on new build houses and also applies to general reroofing and roof repair practices.
Although it is not a legal requirement to …

How do I choose the right roof tiles for my home?

Broughton KitchenChoosing the right roof tiles for your home is an important decision, as it can impact the aesthetics, durability, energy efficiency and functionality of your roof.
Some things to consider are the aesthetics of the roof, which tiles or slates will complement the style of your home? You may want …
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