In the South West of England, there are many stunning heritage properties which have been listed to protect their special architectural details. We predominantly work on these listed houses and churches. We have carried out re-roofs and roof repairs on Tyntesfield House in Somerset, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the Corsham Almshouses in Wiltshire and many historically significant listed churches.

We have also carried out roofing work on many domestic dwellings throughout the South West. If you own a listed property and need your home re-roofed or repaired, we can help. The consent needed on a listed building varies depending on which band it has been listed under. If you are unsure if your home is a listed building, you can carry out a search here.

The grading system for listed buildings is as follows:

  • Grade I: Buildings of exceptional interest.
  • Grade II*: Particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
  • Grade II: Buildings of national importance and special interest.

Buildings are listed for various reasons, including architectural design, historical importance, rarity and cultural significance. A Grade I listing signifies that a building is of exceptional interest and warrants every effort to preserve it.

Listed buildings are legally protected, therefore any proposed changes or alterations to them are subject to approval. Owners and their roofers must work within the guidelines set by the authorities to ensure that the historical and architectural significance of the building is preserved for future generations.

Grade II and II* – if your grade two listed building needs to be re-roofed, you can go ahead with this without seeking prior consent from your local authority, as long as there are no alterations from the original, as this is considered to be maintenance work and not an alteration.

Grade I – if you plan to reroof your grade one listed building, you must get consent from your local authority before any work is carried out. You can complete the application form online on your local authority website. Your local authority will pass this to a Conservation Office at Historic England for comment.

When re-roofing a listed building is it important that all the materials used are natural and must be indigenous to the UK. For example, if your roof uses natural slates, any replacements must be from the same region – Welsh, Cornish or Cumbrian.

When we strip a listed roof for refurbishment, we will always reuse any of the tiles or slates that can be salvaged. To replace any broken ones, we will carefully source the correct materials, in the right colour, to ensure your roof is compliant with the relevant building regulations and the requirements of the listed building rules.

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Our team is experienced in carrying out reroofs and roof repair and maintenance on domestic properties, from large private houses to ex-council houses, from Georgian mansions to stable blocks and garages.

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