Why is it so important to ensure any roof repairs or the re-roof of your home is carried out by a certified roofer?

They will ensure that you receive the correct guidance on the current Building Regulations so that when your property is re-roofed it will not only be fully compliant, but also has a fully insurance-underwritten guarantee for your peace of mind.

Looking for a “roofer near me”?

When looking for a “roofer near me” via your search engine, you could end up with a list of local roofers, all with professional looking websites, claiming they are the cheapest, or the best, or the most experienced. But how do you know this to be the case? You can use the website that claim they can check that roofer is genuine, a service that they pay for themselves! Or you can simply check if they are a member of TrustMark and the Competent Roofer scheme.

Roofing on domestic properties carried out by our Competent Roofers at West Country Tiling

Why use a competent roofer?

Being a Competent Roofer means that they are a part of the UK government’s Competent Person Scheme, which allows qualified roofers to self-certify their work and provide you with the certificates you need. By using a Competent Roofer, you can demonstrate the work was carried out to a competent level. This way, when it comes to selling your house, you can prove the building regulations were adhered to and the roof was repaired by an experienced roofer with the correct insurance.

According to the UK Government Building Regulations, the re-roofing of any domestic property requires a Compliance Certificate. The current Building Regulations state that when re-roofing 50% or more of a domestic property, the specification must be submitted to Building Control for approval. Building Control will then inspect the work during and on completion, so that you can be issued with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate.  A member of the Competent Roofer Scheme can deal with all of that for you, thus not only saving you the local government fee, but also giving you the peace of mind that the work has been carried out to the highest standards.

If you don’t use a competent roofer

If you choose not to use a member of the Competent Roofer scheme, you risk reducing the value of your home when you come to sell it. Unless you can produce the correct certificates when putting your house on the market, the buyer may feel tempted to ask for a reduced price.

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Why choose West Country Tiling

We take great pride in being reputable roofers, part of the Competent Roofer scheme, Trust Mark and National Federation of Roofing (NFRC) accredited.

Our team is experienced in carrying out re-roofs, roof repairs and roof maintenance on homes of all sizes, from large private houses to ex-council houses, from Georgian mansions to stable blocks, farm houses and garages.

Contact us if you are looking for a “roofer near me” who is a certified Competent Roofer. Call us on 01373 462 224 or by emailing us on info@westcountrytiling.com.