In 2010 the UK Government Building Regulations applied the re-roofing of any domestic property to its Compliance Certificate requirements.

When contracting roofing work on your home, in most circumstances you will require a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. Planning Permission may also be required, depending on the location and scope of your project, for example an extension to your property or the addition of a dormer window.

What is the difference?

Building Regulations are national standards for the construction and design of your domestic dwelling. They are designed to ensure the safety of those living within the building. The regulations also determine the minimum standards required for access, ventilation, fire safety, weather resistance and energy efficiency.

Planning Permission is intended to guide the way buildings are constructed and is determined at a local level. Each local authority that a dwelling comes under will determine if planning permission is required.

In most cases a straightforward re-roof doesn’t require planning permission. However, there are other considerations that may need permissions and approvals, for example if you have bats living in your roof.

Work to an existing roof

You will need to obtain a Compliance Certificate if you are:

  • Replacing or repairing more than 25 percent of the roof area
  • Carrying out structural alterations to your roof
  • Using a new covering that has significantly different performance in the event of a fire

If you replace more than a quarter of your roof, then you must upgrade the insulation to the current standards. If you alter the weight loading of your roof, for example replacing clay tiles with concrete ones, then a structural engineer will need to assess that the new weight loading is safe and meets the regulations.

Geographical differences

Within the UK, specific rules vary depending on each location. Follow the links below to determine the rules that apply in your area:

The building regulation process

When re-roofing more than 25 percent your home you will need to select a contractor, they will write a specification of what work is required, this must then be submitted to Building Control for approval prior to any work commencing.

Once approval is obtained, the work can start. Once the work is completed, a Building Inspector will audit the work, and if it complies, they will issue a certificate. There is an approximate cost of £250 for this service.

Members of the Competent Roofer Scheme

If you contract a roofer who is a part of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ Competent Person Scheme, then they can simplify the whole Compliance Certificate process for you. You will be dealing with a qualified professional who is able to advise you on what is required to obtain your regulation certificate.

As members of the scheme, we can self-certify that the work we carry out complies to the Building Regulations and we can also issue you with a 10-year insurance-underwritten guarantee for the roofing work we do.

Why choose West Country Tiling

Using us as your roofing company will save you money on the Building Regulation fees and will give you peace of mind that the work is underwritten by a 10-year guarantee and is carried out by competent, experienced and highly skilled roofers.

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