The team at West Country Tiling work on many different types of roofs for our private clients, from a simple garage reroof, to the repair of an old roof in danger of collapsing.

We spoke with some of our clients about their experiences with our team…

Conservatory roof

Tony from Wiltshire called us when the roof above his conservatory started to collapse. We immediately erected scaffolding to prevent the roof from causing any damage to the house (and people) below. The team then set about demolishing and rebuilding the roof in just three weeks.

When asked about our services Tony said:

“The work done was more than we expected, with excellent communication and help throughout the work.  The on-site team were great. They talked us through everything that they did and made sure we were fully up-to-speed with the work they were doing. 

Even when they had to dismantle the rotten old roof, they showed me the problems and the quality of their work was excellent. The scaffolders were also very good, especially when working in such difficult circumstances. 

The team pulled out all the stops to help us get the roof repaired and made safe and to put our mind at ease on what was going to happen. Communication was very good, we got everything we needed and the help we required.

I would be very happy to recommend West Country Tiling to anyone, as the work and project was excellent from start to finish.”

House roof

Alison from Somerset had instructed someone else to build her a new conservatory. As future access to the roof on her house was going to be a major issue, she asked us to resolve some issues with the roof above where the new conservatory was going to be built.

“The work carried out met my expectations. I was either away on holiday or at work when the on-site team were there, so we didn’t actually meet. West Country Tiling kindly fitted me in at very short notice and the project was finished on schedule, even though the timeframe was very tight!

Communication was excellent, and all my queries were answered promptly. Having used West Country Tiling three times, I’d recommend them to others. And have done so, in fact.

Also, people (well, relatives who pay attention to such details) who have come round since the roof was done, have commented on the high standard of work and how good the kitchen roof looks with the new tiles.”

Garage roof

Helen from Milton Clevedon needed a new roof on her garage. She was so happy with the work done on that roof, she has now decided to use West Country Tiling to re-roof her whole house, replacing the old and moss-covered concrete tiles with beautiful new Canadian slate.

“My garage re-roof was a simple job that met my expectations, and the on-site team were great. So, I decided the team could do my house next. I have had the lead flashings repaired it the past by someone else, but the result wasn’t great. We are now going to take off the old roof and start again. I was taken through all the different options, and we discussed what would work.

I would recommend West Country Tiling to others, as the trust is there, and I know if anything unexpected happens it will be dealt with. It is a comfort to know that they have the knowledge needed and that the work will be well done.”

Why choose West Country Tiling

With over 30 years of experience working with private clients, our master roofers have gained extensive knowledge while working on many different private residences throughout the South West of England.

If you need an experienced team for a roof restoration project, please get in touch on 01373 462 224 or by emailing us on