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West Country Tiling are specialist roofing contractors

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The versatility of working with lead

The team at West Country Tiling have been working with lead since 1969 and manufacturing sand cast lead since 2007, resulting in us having sufficient experience to become experts in casting and working with lead.
Lead is a versatile material that can be shaped into down pipes, hopper heads, box …

Church Roofs

Over the last 32 years we have worked on 100s of church roofs. Ecclesiastical work is our forte and our craftsmen have vast experience in working on all styles of church roofs using many different types of materials.
Church roof styles
We are about to start work on our smallest …

Completion of Quarr Abbey reroof

In November 2021, the West Country Tiling team started work on the Isle of White’s Quarr Abbey reroof.
This distinctive place of worship was designed by Dom Bellot, a renowned monk-architect, and construction was completed in 1912. At that time the abbey cost £10,600 to build, in today’s money that …

Canadian Slate

The West Country Tiling team recently completed a private dwelling using Glendyne Canadian slate. This is a unique grey slate full of nuances and is a pleasure to work with.
High quality Canadian slate
The work carried out on this beautiful country home just outside Bruton in Somerset included stripping …
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