As experienced reroofing contractors in Dorset, we recently completed a reroof on a magnificent Grade II* 17th century manor house. This private residence is undergoing full restoration inside and out. The new stone roof slates on the finished roof will age with time and blend in beautifully with the original salvaged roof slates.

Stone roof slates

Traditional Purbeck stone slates are no longer available as the ‘present’ stone has all been quarried, so sawn tooled block had to be used to make good shortages. We had to source the roof slates for this reroof from three separate quarries in order to complete this project.

Complete reroof on listed building

This project was extensive, complex and took just over 12 months to complete. The work we carried out included:

  • Erecting a full canopy scaffold.
  • Stripping off all roof slates.
  • Dressing, drilling and preparing stone slates for reuse.
  • Extensive timber re-enforcement and repairs.
  • Full roof insulation, using Steico Flex and Steico Universal.
  • Installation of a Siga Majcoat 200 bat-friendly membrane.
  •  Addition of a fully prepared bat loft.
  • Renewal of all lead box gutters and flat roofs including rebuilding and venting to comply with the Lead Sheet Training Academy (LSTA) regulations.
  • Take down, re-decorate and re-fix all cast iron rainwater goods.
  • Salvaging the damaged lead downpipes and hopper heads. Repair, refurbish and re-fix.
  • Rebuilding parapet walls and coping stones.
  • Refurbishment of all opening casement windows.
  • Sensitive* repointing of all walls and repairs to stone mouldings.

*Sensitive repointing is where any loose mortar is raked out and only the missing mortar is then replaced. We do this because, when repointing walls on a listed building, it is important to preserve as much of the original structure as possible.

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