The team at West Country Tiling have been working with lead since 1969 and manufacturing sand cast lead since 2007, resulting in us having sufficient experience to become experts in casting and working with lead.

Lead is a versatile material that can be shaped into down pipes, hopper heads, box gutters, cornice cladding, and it can be used to create flat roofs or decorative items.

When working on a property that requires lead, wherever possible we strip off the existing lead and recycle it at our HQ, which makes lead a very sustainable product to work with. It is also durable and aesthetically pleasing, as it weathers well over time and develops an attractive patina.

Because lead is a malleable metal, it can be shaped and adapted to unusual angles, unlike other hard metals, such as stainless steel.

Lead production

No new lead is mined in the United Kingdom. If we require new lead to add to our recycled lead, we use lead that is extracted from used car batteries by a company based in Derbyshire.

We only purchase pure lead ingots and never use scrap lead. This is because scrap lead may be stolen, and we do not want to encourage this practice.

Lead casting

Over the years we have developed our sand cast lead production facility and refined our production process to improve our efficiency. Please watch this short film to see how our sand cast lead production process works.

Working with lead

Tynesfield House is a National Trust property in North Somerset. This ornate Gothic Revival house required a vast amount of lead and is to date one of the most impressive lead restoration projects we have worked on.  

We can re-cast leadwork to create downpipes and hopper heads. These items can be made bespoke to your roofing project, allowing for elaborate decoration, as well as practical application.

Other applications of lead that we have experience in casting and creating include flat roofs, rainwater goods, and guttering.

Why use West Country Tiling

If you require a lead roof or decorative lead items, please get in touch on 01373462224 or by emailing us at