We have recently started phase one of a three-phase project on St Mary’s Church in the village of East Brent. St Mary’s in one of three churches that make up The Parish of Three Saints located in three traditional villages in Somerset. The two other churches that make up this trio are, St Christopher’s in Lympsham and St Michael’s in Brent Knoll.

The commencement of this project at St Mary’s means that our specialist roofing teams have now worked on all three of the churches in this trio. Throughout all of these projects we have worked closely with George Chedburn of Chedburn Codd Conservation Architects and Historic Building Consultants.

St Christopher’s Church – Lympsham

In October 2019 we reroofed the south slope of the Nave at St Christopher’s Church using sand-cast lead.

This church is a Grade I listed building dating from the 15th century. Extensive restoration took place during the 19th century and a further refurbishment took place in 1909.

St Michael’s Church – Brent Knoll

From July to September 2020, we worked on St Michael’s Church, rebuilding the roof structure before replacing their stolen lead with new sand-cast lead.

This is also a Grade I listed building, dating from the 11th century. The Norman doorway into the church dates from around 1290 and the addition of the north aisle was circa late 15th century. There was further restoration carried out to the church in the 19th century, most likely as part of the widespread Victorian restoration initiative carried out by the Church of England

St Mary’s Church – East Brent

Our team is now working on phase one of St Mary’s Church restoration. This work focuses on the North Aisle and includes building a new step in the flat roof, rebuilding the lead box gutters and extensive masonry repairs. We are working in conjunction with J.B. Kerr Stone Masonry, who are carrying out the masonry work on the stair turret and the structurally unsound parapet wall.

We have very much enjoyed working on this project with Carole Carter, the Parish Administrator and Parochial Church Council Secretary for The Parish of Three Saints.

Why choose West Country Tiling

With extensive experience of working on ecclesiastical restoration projects, our Master Roofers have vast knowledge of all manner of traditional roofing materials.

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