The team at West Country Tiling have been manufacturing their own sand cast lead for 14 years for all projects requiring a poundage of lead greater than Code 5.

This labour-intensive and highly specialised production method gives a first-class lead sheet that is malleable and corrosion resistant. The sand cast lead table is prepped using a bed of sand before the molten lead is floated onto it. As the lead cools it crystallises, and the screeding process removes any excess liquid lead. Using our partially automated process, and modernised production method, we can accurately control the thickness of our lead to within 1mm.

Here is a short film showing our 7 meters / 23-foot sand cast lead table in action.

Health and Safety

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously here at West Country Tiling. As well as running a clean-room production process, our casters have blood tests every 3 months to monitor how well we are performing. This level of monitoring allows us to continually evolve and improve our processes.


Lead is an ecologically sound and sustainable product, as it never expires. For example, when refurbishing lead guttering, we strip the existing lead and re-use it by melting it down and re-casting it into new sheets. This newly cast lead is then put back onto the building it came from as guttering or roof lining. 

Why choose West Country Tiling

With over 30 years’ experience working on many churches, schools, hotels, historical buildings and private residencies, our master roofers have extensive knowledge of stripping, recasting and repurposing lead from roofs throughout the South West of England.

If you have a roofing project that requires sand cast lead of the highest quality or traditional roofing carried out by an experienced team, please get in touch on 01373 462 224 or by emailing us on