The team at West Country Tilling are fitting their first photovoltaic (PV) slate roof. These are not the usual solar panels you see going up all over the place, these actually look like slates.

As with all the roofing projects West Country Tiling undertake, we are very particular about the materials we use. The introduction of solar panels onto the types of roofs we are asked to work on do not always go hand-in-hand. For example, because of aesthetics, I cannot see us fitting solar panels to a listed building. However, with the development of a product such as the PV slate, this makes the addition of sustainable solar energy generation possible without compromising on appearance.

Why choose PV slate

We are teaming up with a UK based company, and using their PV Slate to produce a roof that will look like natural grey slate, but is actually a seamless combination of slate and PV slate.

This roof-integrated solar power technology is at the forefront of solar power generation. PV Slates combine seamlessly with natural blue-grey slates to produce solar power from a traditional-looking roof. The PV slates are both lighter and stronger than traditional slates, yet can work alongside them on any new slate roof.

Manufactured in Wales from toughened glass and high-quality aluminium, PV Slate has been designed and independently tested to withstand the extremes of the UK’s weather. Every PV Slate comes with a 25-year warranty on product, solar performance and weatherproofing. These are the only solar products that looks like tiles or slates currently certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) scheme. MCS certified products maintain high standards relating to low-carbon products and this accreditation is a sign of excellence in the renewable sector.

Natural slate roof before PV slates are fitted
Natural slate roof before PV slates are fitted

Why choose solar power

The dramatic increase in electricity prices, our need for a sustainable and renewable energy source and the desire to help reduce the global carbon footprint, are all good reasons to choose solar power. We can help you to secure your energy supply for the future by relying on the power of the sun; a source of energy that is sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly and low cost.

Why choose West Country Tiling

If you are considering having solar panels fitted to your roof, but are concerned about the way they look, PV slate could be the right product for you. We hope that these PV Slates live up to the manufacturer’s promises, to create an innovative and stylish solar roof using non-intrusive and beautiful solar panels. Watch this space for how this roofing project turns out and whether we feel it is a successful alternative to traditional solar panels.

Please contact us if you interested a PV and natural grey slate roof that will look beautiful and produce solar power. Get in touch on 01373 462 224 or by emailing us on