How to prevent internal damage caused by a leaking roof

Here’s our advice for checking your roof ahead of winter. We recommend you do this at least twice a year to ensure you are on top of any maintenance issues.

Visual assessment – outside

When checking for a leaky roof, always carry out any checks using the appropriate safety equipment and employ common sense if using ladders.

You should carry out a visual assessment of your roof to look for any missing tiles or ridge tiles, any missing or slipped leadwork, in particular around your chimney – if you have one.

Also, when it’s raining, check your gutters and downpipes for leaking joints and blocked downpipes. 

If you’re feeling particularly thorough, you can check for failed pointing of leadwork and cracked weathering fillets.

Visual assessment – inside

Look out for the formation of ceiling stains, damp patches or mould forming on the walls. If you have noticed a damp patch internally, but when you inspect outside you can see nothing obvious, draw a pencil line around the stain internally and then monitor it after heavy rainfall. 

Early roof leak detection is important, as even the smallest of leaks can lead to big problems if left unattended. When left unchecked a leaking roof can lead to mould, rotted frames, damaged ceiling and destroyed insulation.

Specialist roofers

The team at West Country Tiling are well versed in the handling of any roof defect.

We operate throughout the South West of England and have over 30 years’ experience working on church, stately home and traditional school roofs, as well as private residences, farmhouses, stables and orangeries.

Leaky roof prevention

Shown above is a lead box gutter below a dormer window. 

In the fist photo, you can see how water penetration has reduced the wallplate to dust. The wallplate is the main bearing point for the rafters and in this instance the dormer. 

In the second photo, you can see how the internal and external wall plates have been renewed in conjunction with the reinforcement of the foot of the truss.

Why use West Country Tiling

Leaking roof repair is one of the many services we offer, so when contracting us you will be party to our extensive knowledge and professional expertise.

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