The impact of weather on roof slates depends on the specific conditions and the quality of the slate. The key factors to consider are:

  • Temperature fluctuations – Slate is generally stable, but extreme temperature changes can cause it to expand and contract.
  • Expansion and contraction – In colder climates, water can seep into tiny cracks in the slate and freeze. The expansion of ice can cause the slate to crack or split.
  • Water absorption – high-quality slate is relatively impermeable to water, but poor-quality slate can absorb water, leading to weakening and eventual cracking.
  • Moss and algae growth – consistently damp conditions can promote the growth of moss and algae on the surface of the slates, which can retain moisture and potentially damage the slate over time.
  • Weight– heavy snow accumulation can add significant weight to the roof, potentially causing structural stress. While slate itself is durable, the underlying structure must be strong enough to support the additional load.
  • High wind – strong winds can lift and dislodge slates, especially if they are not properly secured. Over time, repeated exposure to high winds can lead to damage and the need for repairs.
  • Impact damage large hailstones can cause cracks, chips, or breaks in the slates. Even small hailstones can gradually wear down the surface of the slate.
  • UV radiation – prolonged exposure to UV radiation can cause some types of slate to deteriorate and lose their colour. While slate is generally UV-resistant, lower-quality slates may be more susceptible to damage.
  • Thermal stress – intense sunlight can heat the slate, leading to thermal stress and potential cracking, especially if the temperature drops rapidly after sunset.
  • Salt crystallization – in coastal areas, salt carried by the air can crystallize on the slate surface, leading to potential damage over time.

To mitigate the impact of weather on your roof slates you should regularly inspect your slate roof for signs of damage, remove debris, moss, and algae to and promptly repair or replace damaged slates to prevent further issues. West Country Tiling can carry out this roof maintenance for you, please contact us for a quote.