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West Country Tiling are specialist roofing contractors

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Testimonials from private clients

The team at West Country Tiling work on many different types of roofs for our private clients, from a simple garage reroof, to the repair of an old roof in danger of collapsing.
We spoke with some of our clients about their experiences with our team…
Conservatory roof
Tony from …

Tile Roof Coverings

Here at West Country Tiling, we have well over 30 years of experience in working with many different tile roof coverings on all types of buildings, from modern extensions to historical houses, flat roofs to pitched roofs, and everything else in between.
If you’re based in the Southwest of England …

Slate Roof Coverings

With over 30 years of experience, the team at West Country Tiling have worked on various types of roofs, using different varieties of natural slate, on diverse buildings. From churches and historical buildings, to modern extensions and architectural masterpieces, we have roofed them all.
We are based in the Southwest …

How to obtain a building regulation compliance certificate for your roof

In 2010 the UK Government Building Regulations applied the re-roofing of any domestic property to its Compliance Certificate requirements.
When contracting roofing work on your home, in most circumstances you will require a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. Planning Permission may also be required, depending on the location and scope of …
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