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How to attract young people to the roofing profession?

This is question we have often asked ourselves, and over the years we have tried our best to attract young people to work as part of our industry.
Here at West Country Tiling we take on young people as apprentices aged between 16 and 19. They are usually young men …

The Parish of Three Saints

We have recently started phase one of a three-phase project on St Mary’s Church in the village of East Brent. St Mary’s in one of three churches that make up The Parish of Three Saints located in three traditional villages in Somerset. The two other churches that make up this …

St Sampson’s Church – Cricklade

Our specialist roofer Michael Watson, recently completed a variety of complex and detailed lead workings on the Grade I listed St Sampson’s church in Cricklade, Wiltshire.
Cricklade was a thriving town as far back as the Saxon era and there has been a church on this site since at …

Church of St James – Milton Clevedon

Milton Clevedon is a small hamlet of approximately 60 residents with its church at the heart of this rural Somerset village. The Church of St James is known locally as the church in the farmyard.
The first church in Milton Clevedon dates back to the 12th century and was …
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