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King Edward’s School, Bath

In 2020 we completed the re-roof of Nethersole House for King Edward’s School in Bath. This was a fantastic project which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of intricate slating and leadwork all carried out with our own sand-cast lead.
The re-roofing of Kind Edward’s School is a typical example of …

What a year 2020 turned into!

Roundup of 2020
Let us start with the weather. The rain in the early part of the year was atrocious; the wettest February on record! Then the middle of the year was more like the Sahara than Somerset.
We completed the re-roof of Nethersole House for King Edward’s School in …

Supplier Case Study – Dreadnought

Dreadnought Clay Roof Tiles have been manufactured on the same site in Brierley Hill since 1805 with a passion passed on through generations of continuous family management. This passion is focused on creating the finest traditional plain clay roof tiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.  

Supplier Case Study – Spicer Tiles

Spicer Tiles is a small family business based in Kent, they started making handmade clay tiles in 1987 when demand was high due to the damage caused by the Great Storm. The product range grew from just fittings, to peg tiles, and now a range of plain tiles and …
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